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Why Atlas?

Manual or Automatic Lessons Tuition Devised Just For You 'Pass Plus' Instruction Available
Our Teachers All Value Patience You Can Progress at Your Preferred Pace No Switches or Sharing: One Learner, Teacher & Car

Our Pupils Say...

Just passed my test first time with only 5 minor errors, but I wouldn't have stood a chance without Peter's excellent tutelage. I was a very nervous driver when I started learning but he is very astute in tailoring his approach to the individual and he was able to help me build my confidence with each lesson. He has an open and honest way of teaching, is not afraid to tell you when you've done something wrong, and will always give you the encouragement and praise needed to help you become a good and safe driver. My lessons were always fun and I will certainly miss having a luagh with him. Thanks Peter, next stop the motorway! Jaime, Camberwell

I failed eight driving tests. Then I met Peter and I passed. Donna, Peckham

If you live in Peckham (SE5) or Camberwell (SE15) we're ready to take your call today.

Our local coverage also includes Bermondsey, Old Kent Road and Nunhead. To get an online quote all we need is your postcode - click here to start.

Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

What To Bear in Mind When Checking Out Driving Schools

Price per Lesson: Not the Best Way to Look at It

Instead, think about the total cost to you of being ready to pass the Practical Test. A re-take will cost you money (test fees are currently over £60) and time, plus the damage to your confidence.

How Many Minutes Will Your Lesson Take?

Always look for prices that quote time in minutes or hours rather than 'per lesson' (unless the lesson length is also clearly stated of course). Furthermore, be sure that your 'lesson time' isn't shared with other pupils.

ADIs: What To Look For

A palm-sized 'badge' in the car windscreen which bears the official qualification Approved Driving Instructor and which has an expiry date. ADIs have to retain their licence to teach through their own periodical practical examination by the DVSA, which takes place during a lesson with a real pupil.

Does The Car Have Extra Foot Pedals?

They'll be on the passenger side in the front. These mean that the teacher can slow or stop the car for safety reasons, or help during gear changes.

Theory Test

Can you approach your instructor for effective study methods for your Theory Test?

Are Proper Records Being Kept?

It's important that your successes are being noted, as well as areas where you need more work - all with an awareness of where this puts you with regard to the official standards as set out in the DVSA car / light van syllabus.

How Much Time Separates Your Lessons?

As a rule, you should accrue driving experience at a rate of no less than one hour every seven days. Our preference is for pupils to have one weekly lesson of two hours, as we find most people learn best like this.

The One Lesson You Really Must Have

If there's one lesson you simply can't do without, it's the pre-test one. It's the best way to banish nerves, and the best time to practice all the things you could be asked to do by the examiner. Be sure that your driving school makes time for it.

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