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Driving Lessons SE23: Forest Hill

Our experienced, reassuring driving instructors also cover Honor Oak and Perry Vale. Lots of pupils pass first time.


They passed with Atlas - you can too!

Our pupils say...

I chose Peter based on his glowing testimonials and I am so glad I did. I have just passed first time due to his relaxed and friendly instructing style and his expert knowledge. I have worked with other driving instructors but never felt comfortable in the car. He helped me to relax and become confident in my ability to drive. Thank you Peter. Emily, Forest Hill

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Just passed! Peter provided positive encouragement throughout the lessons. He is honest, down to earth, a good communicator, and gives very helpful criticism which leads to good habits in all areas; preparation, mirror checks, signalling, tricky manouevres, emergencies etc. Everything will be covered. He knows what he's talking about and provides real-world practical driving advice; all you have to do is listen. Thanks Peter.

I'm so glad I chose Atlas and got Ali as my instructor. He's very thorough with his teaching. He doesn't rush me, and always makes sure I understand even the little details because they often matter the most. He always has positive feedback. Highly recommended.Anna, Honor Oak

Imran is an amazing driving instructor! He is very patient and makes sure that I understand the fundamentals well so that the progress is steady and smooth. He is also very friendly and answers any questions with good examples which will clarify the doubt easily. He makes me feel confident and also encourages me to do my best. A huge thank you. Rahul