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Driving Lessons in Lewisham, Catford and Hither Green

They passed with Atlas - you can too!

Why Atlas?

Manual & Automatic Instruction 'Made to Measure' Lessons Just Right For You Qualified to Assess for 'Pass Plus' Certification
Very Patient Instructors Lessons That Fit Around Your Schedule No Group Tuition, No Instructor or Vehicle Switches

Our Pupils Say...

I started lessons with Peter 10 years since failing my last test and 6 years since I my last lesson. I wasn't very confident but he was very personable and immediately put me at ease. I passed my test with only 3 minor errors after 15 hours of lessons with him! Learning with Peter was great. He is very passionate about his job and explains things very clearly. He improved my confidence hugely and I genuinely enjoyed my lessons. My wide also passed (first time) with him earlier in the year. I would recommend him to anyone. Steve, Lewisham

An excellent driving instructor - very professional. He has a very calm temperament, which helps you gain confidence at the wheel. Peter teaches you the required manouevres by breaking them down into 'baby steps' in a way that you can keep in mind, making you an ace at performing them even under the pressure of a test. I truly enjoyed learning how to drive with Peter and would recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable instructor. Claudia, Catford

Atlas cover most of London...

... our Lewisham (SE15) and Catford (SE6) coverage also extends to Forest Hill plus Bellingham, Hither Green (SE13) and Ladywell.

To see our current lesson prices (and confirm instructor coverage) use our postcode finder.

Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

Checklist for Finding a Good Driving School

Lesson Prices: Look a Little Deeper

Let's say one driving school charges £23 per hour, and you need fifty hours to be test-ready: total cost £1150. Another charges £26 per hour, but you only need forty hours to be test-ready: total cost £1040.

How Long Will Your Driving Lesson Last?

For total beginnners, an hour is usually a good length, but as you progress two hours is often best. Just make sure that all prices are for units of time - and not 'per lesson', without a given duration. You are not going to be learning unless you are the one controlling the car, so don't entertain the idea of group lessons.

Be Certain They Have an ADI Licence

Your teacher must not only be an Approved Driving Instructor, but they must also have a current licence, and it must be clearly displayed - so look for an octagonal windscreen sticker with an expiry date.

Your Teacher's Car: What To Look For

The front side passenger should also have access to a set of floor pedals (this is called 'dual control'). It's vital that your instructor can brake if neccessary.

Theory Test

Do you feel prepared for your Theory Test? If not, do ask your instructor for help.

Does The Tutor Have a Record of Your Lessons?

The practical driving test is your chance to show a DVSA examiner that you are a capable and conscientious road user; that is, you've acquired a certain level of physical competence and sound judgement behind the wheel. The official syllabus is published online and your instructor's lesson notes should make reference to this.

Are You Happy With Your Timetable?

Don't let your lessons be sporadic (while we're on this topic, it has to be said that intensive driving courses don't suit everyone either). It takes a little time for the knowledge and experience gained during a lesson to take hold. We've found that two hours a week, preferably as one lesson, is usually the best way to become more proficient.

Getting a Lesson Immediately Prior to Your Test

This should not be considered an option by your instructor. The time is essential to:

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