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Our Pupils Say...

I passed my test this week first time and had only 4 minor errors. Peter will provide you with a lot of examples, and you will not forget his advice. All your questions will be answered properly and fully explained. Another important thing is his flexibility... you can always book a lesson in advance and decide what time is suitable for you. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants not only just to pass the test but become a very good driver. Thank you Peter! Alex, Greenwich

One of the most professional driving schools you will come across in South London. Excellent knowledge and outstanding experience. Odds are that you will pass in your first attempt. Mr M, Woolwich

We're looking for pupils...

... in all parts of Greenwich (SE10), Woolwich (SE7, SE18), Abbey Wood (SE2), Plumstead and Thamesmead (SE28) - including Crossness, Maze Hill, Royal Arsenal, Shooter's Hill and West Heath.

You can check online now to see if we can take you on as a pupil and what it will cost - all we need is your postcode.

Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

Things You Should Know About Your Driving School

There's More to a Good School than the Hourly Rate

The cheapest driving instructors aren't always the most cost-effective in the long run. Saving a pound or two per lesson is a false economy if you end up taking longer than you should to get ready for and to pass your test.

Lesson Duration: Be Sure You Know In Advance

We give our prices per hour; you can then decide how long you want your lesson to be. We usually recommend two hours as the optimum length, and certainly no less than one. Your lesson shouldn't start when you're in the back or passenger seat of the car either.

Check For The ADI's Licence

Is there a badge from the DVSA in the car? Approved Driving Instructors are recommended to show their licence on their windscreen. This will state your teacher's official qualification and have an expiry date.

Is The Instructor's Car 'Dual Control'?

Look for a second set of foot pedals in the passenger footwell. Most important is a brake: there's usually a clutch, and sometimes an accelerator.

Theory Test

If you need assistance getting ready for your Theory Test, is it made available to you?

Is Your Teacher Recording What Happens in Lessons?

Like any other examination, the car and light van driving test has a syllabus, published by the DVSA and your instructor's job is to work you up to the point where it's clear to an examiner that you meet any descriptor in that syllabus. That requires both planning what to do and recording what happens in lessons.

Do Your Lessons Come in Fits and Starts?

Too much of this can hold you back. People learn to drive best with regular practice - we find that a two hour session, weekly, is the way most people see their ability and confidence behind the wheel steadily improve.

Your Last Lesson... Well, Hopefully!

It's essential that you take your Practical Test when you are 'warmed up' and familiar with the car and the prevailing conditions. Any good driving school makes pre-test lessons a priority.

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