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Why Atlas?

I met this guy five days before my test and he was the difference between me passing and me failing. Midge

ADI (Approved Driving Instructors) for Manual and Automatic Carefully Planned Lessons Tailored To Your Exact Needs Calm, Patient Instructors - Specialist with Nervous Pupils No Group Lessons: All Tuition is One to One
Learn at Your Own Pace, with Lesson Times that Suit You Qualified to give Advanced Lessons - 'Pass Plus' Certification One Instructor, One Car - for Each and Every Lesson Dedicated Motorway Lessons Available

Our Advice On Finding a Quality Driving Instructor

You Get What You Pay For

The best driving instructors are rarely the cheapest, but over time a good instructor will save you money because:

How Long Is a Lesson?

If the cost you're quoted is 'per lesson' then check to see what this actually means. At Atlas we recommend two hour lessons, but the minimum amount of time we'd call a lesson is one hour. Plus, make sure that your lesson time starts and ends when you get in or out of the driver's seat - and not when you get in a car driven by your instructor or another pupil.

Is your Instructor Qualified?

Anyone charging money for driving tuition has to be an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Once qualified, ADIs are assessed on an ongoing basis by the DVSA - and this takes place during lessons, as it's their ability to continue to teach that is being assessed. In addition, an ADI requires additional qualifications to become an assessor under the 'Pass Plus' scheme. All ADIs must display their licence on the windscreen of the car they use to give lessons.

Is The Car Suitable?

The car you learn in should have dual controls (usually an extra brake and clutch pedal, sometimes an extra accelerator too) and be in good condition.

Theory Test

Will your instructor help you with your Theory Test if you need them to?

Do They Record Your Progress?

The DVSA are the government agency responsible for driving lessons in the UK and there is a syllabus for tuition. Ask your instructor if they follow this, and measure your progress against the agreed standards.

Are Your Lessons Regular and Evenly Spaced?

To make good progress most people need at least one hour of driving tuition each week, and at Atlas we'd recommend one two hour lesson, as our experience is that pupils make the best progress at this rate. If you feel that you want more time then we will of course meet your request. The important thing is that your lessons are evenly spaced.

Can You Get a Lesson Right Before Your Test?

It is vital to have a lesson just before you take your Practical Test - this gives you the best chance of being relaxed, confident and most likely to do well. Your instructor should make this sort of lesson their top priority.

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