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Our Pupils Say...

I chose Peter based on his glowing testimonials and I am so glad I did. I have just passed first time due to his relaxed and friendly instructing style and his expert knowledge. I have worked with other driving instructors but never felt comfortable in the car. He helped me to relax and become confident in my ability to drive. Thank you Peter. Emily

Just passed! Peter provided positive encouragement throughout the lessons. He is honest, down to earth, a good communicator, and gives very helpful criticism which leads to good habits in all areas; preparation, mirror checks, signalling, tricky manouevres, emergencies etc. Everything will be covered. He knows what he's talking about and provides real-world practical driving advice; all you have to do is listen. Thanks Peter.

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Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

How To Choose a Good Driving School

Better Instructors Usually Charge a Little More

You found a driving school that's a few pounds cheaper per lesson. But what if you end up needing more lessons to be ready for the Practical Test? And, when the big day comes, what if you find that you're not well-prepared?

If the Price is 'Per Lesson' What Does That Mean?

If you see this, be sure to read the small print, and do ask if it's not clear. When you're just starting out one hour may be enough - but certainly no less than that in our view. And insist on being the only pupil in the car during teaching. Don't let picking someone else up or dropping someone else off be part of your lesson time.

Is Their Licence on Display?

There should be an eight-sided windscreen sticker titled either 'Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency' or 'Driver Standards Agency'. This confirms that you're being taught by an Approved Driving Instructor. The expiry date on the licence means that your ADI will be re-examined on the standard of their tuition.

The Car Needs To Be Properly Equipped

By that we mean it should be 'dual control' (a car which the front passenger can also operate their own set of brake and clutch pedals).

Theory Test

Can you get Theory Test coaching alongside your lessons?

What Are the Instructor's Aims For Each Lesson?

The government's Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency regulates UK driving tuition and examination and there's a published set of requirements that learners need to meet to pass their test and get a licence. Your tutor's lesson notes should indicate a planned progression towards meeting all of these requirements.

Is There Too Much of a Gap Between Lessons?

Too much practice can be a bad thing (you may not be able to process what you've experienced), but it's vital that you don't regularly have more than six days between lessons. Our pupils are encouraged to have a single 120 minute session on a weekly basis.

That Vital Last Lesson

Fancy getting behind the wheel at the test centre without having had some last-minute practice? Your chances of passing are increased massively if you have had time to prepare your 'set piece' manouevres and familarise yourself with local driving conditions. Any instructor worth their salt knows this.

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